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  • Tallest to shortest: Wilhelm, Cae, Cody, Coraline, Nula (in passive form)
  • Heaviest to lightest: Wilhelm, Cae, Cody, Coraline, Nula (in passive form)
  • Oldest to youngest: Coraline, Wilhelm, Cody, Cae, Nula (we don't know his age but he appears to act younger)
  • Biggest to smallest feet: Wilhelm, Cae, Cody, Cora, Nula
  • Kindest to rudest: Cody, Wilhelm (Wil is often obliviously blunt about sensitive things), Nula, Cae, Cora
  • Most athletic to least: Cae (when he wants to work out he is super active but the rest of the time he's a lump), Wilhelm, Cora, Cody, Nula
  • Most intelligent to least: Wilhelm, Coraline, Cody, Nula (may be moved higher later on), Cae
  • Most creative to least: Cae, Cody, Nula, Coraline, Wilhelm
  • Most social to least: Cody, Cae, Wilhelm, Nula, Coraline
  • Most likable to least: (based on observation from opinions both in and out of the system): Nula, Cody, Wilhelm, Cae, Coraline
  • Most optimistic to least: Nula, Wilhelm, Cody, Coraline, Cae
  • Most attractive to least: (we will instead give the types of attractive we best fit): Cae: bad boy type - attractive not for looks but for the thrill of him being dangerous - allure to "change/fix" him. Cody: apparently a cinnamon roll/hipster. Coraline: Elegant and hard to get - classy bitch. Wilhelm: geek chic. Nula: adorable bundle of chub
  • Most successful to least: (most likely to succeed in their endeavors): Wilhelm, Coraline, Nula, Cody, Cae
  • Most fashionable to least: Coraline, Cody, Cae, Wilhelm, Nula
  • Most honest to least: Wilhelm, Nula, Cody, Cae, Coraline
  • Most confident to least: Coraline, Nula, Cae, Wilhelm, Cody
  • Most likely to save someone in a burning building to least: Cae, Cody, Wilhelm, Nula, Coraline
  • Most likely to explore a haunted house to least: Cae, Cody, Wilhelm, Nula, Coraline
  • Most likely to get married: Cody, Wilhelm, Coraline, Cae, Nula
  • Most likely to kill someone to least: Wilhelm, Coraline, Cae, Nula, Cody
  • Most sexual to least: Cae, Wilhelm, Coraline, Cody, Nula
  • Most mentally stable to least: Coraline, Cody, Nula, Wilhelm, Cae
  • Best to worst chef: Cody, Cae, Wilhelm, Coraline, Nula
  • Best to worst student: Wilhelm, Coraline, Cody, Cae, Nula
  • Best to worst public speaker: Cae, Cody, Coraline, Wilhelm, Nula (he's mute as of right now lmao)


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Thank you for the fave and watch Awww 
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perfect b o y
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Hug thnxs so much for the watch 
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Gotta4 by TheWickedWordsmith  
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